the benefits of Avocado to High Cholesterol

The Avocado

This little fruit originally from south America is a fruit known for his healthy fats. Filled with mono-unsaturated fats that have a healthy effect on your cholesterol this is a prime example of the idea that fat is bad is not always the right way to think.
About 75% of the avocado calories is coming from fats with the vast majority coming from this mono-unsaturated fats such as oleic acid, which is probably one of the reasons this is often known as the butter fruit. Alongside fats this fruit is a great way to get potassium  and many other minerals and nutrients including vitamin E,  several B vitamins like riboflavin, niacin, thiamin and even has folic acid, and they contain no cholesterol themselves.
The avocado has been studied on multiple occasions to see its effect on High cholesterol and epidemiological reports have shown that Americans has shown that this is suited for a lower cholesterol diet, however this is not the only benefit this fruit may give but here is a studie.

A study from 1996 with 30healthy adults and 37adults with mild high cholesterol and significant high cholesterol shows that a diet enriched by this fruit can have a significant short term effect on your cholesterol levels

Out of the those people 30 high cholesterol adults and 15healthy adults were subjected to a cholesterol diet enriched by avocado and another 7 with high cholesterol received a control diet. The result was as following: 

In the cholesterol diet the healthy adults had a 16% drop in total cholesterol levels and for the high cholesterol subjects the result was even better, they had a 17% drop in total cholesterol, a 22% drop in LDL cholesterol, 22% drop in triglycerides and a HDL increase by 11% at the same time all from doing an avocado diet in 7days.I would also like to note there were no significant changes noted in the control group.

Of course it should be noted that due to the oily nature of this fruit a single avocado has about 250 calories. Most of which is the oil(fat). Besides the fat content of this fruit it also has significant potassium levels (more than a banana) making this a good fruit if you have to much sodium (a possible cause for high blood pressure) and significant other minerals and vitamins including calcium and magnesium and 10grams of dietary fiber.

Here you can find more info on avocado

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